Organize your closet and style your wardrobe easily in 2 hours or less!

Did you know that most people only wear about 20% of their wardrobe??  It is hard to believe, but that means around 80% of the clothing taking up space in your closet is not being worn at all!  This leads to wasted time while wading through a crowded, unorganized cluster and ultimately wasted money on clothing that is not being worn. 

That’s where the fashion brains behind the fabulous style of Magnolia Mey Boutique come in to save the day!  Let Lauren come refresh your closet and your wardrobe by helping you determine what works for your lifestyle.  By the end of the consultation, your closet will contain only the pieces that fit your body shape, your life, and your style.  You will shop in your very own closet to create new outfits through mixing and matching pieces you already own!  She will help you to breathe fresh life into your closet so that you will have new looks for the new season!  

During your consultation, a list will be created to fill any gaps that may exist in your current wardrobe and suggestions for accessories to finish off any incomplete looks.  Lauren will use her professional shopping skills to suggest stores within your budget for filling the gaps and how to get the best deals at those stores.  She will also teach you how to shop in the future to ensure you continue to purchase items that fit, flatter and work to keep you stylish. The goal is to keep clothing out of NEVER-WORN-LAND, and Lauren can help achieve this goal!  

Enjoy a 2-hour closet consultation with Lauren in the comfort of your home creating ready-to-go looks for your lifestyle.  Plus, you will receive and education in which specific cuts and styles work best for your body type for your future shopping success!   The $150 closet and style consultation also includes 10% off at Magnolia Mey for 2 months after your consultation.   Book your consultation in January or February for only $100!

For a new look this new year and a closet full of ready-made fashion-inspired looks, call Lauren now at 713-408-3019.  Please have 3-4 dates and times ready so that a date can be booked and your closet and wardrobe refreshed!

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