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Hurricane Harvey may have brought devastation, but also HOPE and LOVE!!

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In the midst of all the devastation and tragedy of Hurricane Harvey, Texans have stepped up in big ways to help one another. Heartwarming doesn't begin to describe the feeling of seeing such beautiful stories such as rescues from regular people with the means to help, donations pouring into shelters and sorting stations, businesses opening their doors and kitchens to help feed the hungry, and most importantly, the support of all people despite things that often divide us.  

Here in Walker County, it has been no different!  We are so unbelievably proud of our shoppers, no our Magnolia Mey family, for the outpouring of love we have witnessed.  I cannot say enough how proud we are to know so many of you.  Because of your kindness we were able to deliver 4 car loads full to the HISD transportation center where supplies are being gathered on the FIRST day! 

The next day, we delivered another huge truckload and were amazed to see the response the shelters were receiving from Walker County residents!  The bus barn was nearly full before noon that day!

Due to the giant amounts of supplies being donated, several churches and organizations opened their buildings for overflow until the supplies are needed.  We dropped of another big load of donations on Wednesday! 

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for supporting the victims of this devastation! We are grateful to know you all and blessed with such caring and amazing people in our life!  

As we all move forward, let us all remember how our hearts want so desperately want to be part of the solution.  The clean up efforts will continue on for months and the needs will not end with the return of the sunshine.  We have been and will continue to share needs as we are made aware of them. 



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